The Monsters Within by Des Fonoimoana

The Monsters Within is the first book of The Monsters Within Series by Des Fonoimoana

The scent of burning flesh is more memorable than the ear-piercing screams that echo off the walls of The City–but both are etched in the minds of the innocent citizens who are stuck in the never-ending nightmare. Their only chance for peace is a young woman called Shadow–a rebel assassin known for her personal vendetta against the merciless King. Shadow must rush to stop him before he obtains an ancient magic and reigns over The City unchallenged.

When tensions deepen during her mission to kill or be killed, Shadow must face the past she’s been hiding from and the deadly enemies who hunt her, including a vengeful princess turned soldier, a Commander with a painful past, and a traitor that leaves her barely clinging to her life. And worst of all, she may need their help to succeed. As war brews inside the Great City’s walls, only one thing is certain: they will come to know the monsters within.

Praise For Des Fonoimoana

Wonderfully written and definitely a must read. I absolutely cannot wait for the next book!

Amazon Review

A suspenseful novel full of unexpected twists, it’s a book for anyone who loves a high-stakes story of underdog resistance against a merciless ruler. “The Monsters Within” balances grim circumstances with hope, action-packed scenes with quiet introspection, and gives you characters to root for.

Goodreads Review

With surprising plot twists, bold, courageous characters, and intricate relationships, Des kept me utterly captivated and addicted to the story.

Amazon Review

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About the Author

Ever since Des Fonoimoana could pick up a pencil she’s wanted to tell stories. Luckily now they’re more legible and still have the untamed imagination and sense of exploration. Storytelling is her favorite pastime but she also enjoys traveling, playing guitar, drawing, and spending time with her husband and corgi in the great Pacific Northwest.

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