The Bloody Maiden by S. M. Mitchell

The Bloody Maiden is the first book of The Maiden Series by S. M. Mitchell

Can murder ever be justified?

A desperate barmaid at The Wanderer’s Inn, Prudence dreams of escaping her miserable life, by any means necessary. When a pirate crew arrives on the island and a tavern brawl gets out of hand, Prudence is thrust into a world of piracy, changing her life forever. Protecting her closest friend and finding her freedom are now her only goals. Stuck in a world of monsters, bloodthirsty soldiers and a Captain on the run, it becomes harder and harder to tell right from wrong. Prudence is forced to make tough choices. How far will she go to change her life?

Swords will be raised and blood will be spilt… but will she make it out alive?

Praise for S. M. Mitchell

At once bloody, violent and satisfying, this is an extraordinary debut novel from S. M. Mitchell, with enough focus on detail to ensure readers across the spectrum of ‘tastes’ will find something to enjoy.

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S. M. Mitchell showcases every character with realistic imperfections and flaws, meticulously presenting philosophical concepts in such an adventurous and gory way.

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It has been a long time since I have fallen in love with a book as deeply as I have fallen for The Bloody Maiden. Prudence is a wonderfully stubborn, loyal and feminist pirate; her adventures are the perfect remedy for the dreariness of the real world.

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About the Author

S. M. Mitchell is a swashbuckling night-owl pagan, whose love of pirates, the gothic and all things historical led to her starting her career as a grimdark fantasy and horror novelist back in 2015. She has a degree in English Literature & Creative Writing and is co-founder & CMO of Ink & Fable Publishing. She lives on the stunning Jurassic Coast in England with her crazy family and myriad of animals. When she’s not writing she can be found baking, gardening or bingeing Netflix.

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