Fractured Folklore Press Kit

Fractured Folklore is an adult collection of dark, twisted fairy tales from a selection of authors, edited by Brittany Saunders. With bold new takes on the heroines of classic tales we all grew up with as children.

Poisoned Apples. Wicked Curses. Red Cloaks. Kickass Women.

Fairy tales are going back to their dark & twisted roots with these brand new short story retellings. Venture into new stories & fight old foes alongside defiant & refreshing heroines written for the 21st century.

These damsels don’t need a prince to come & save them…

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About the Editor

Brittany Saunders is a freelance editor with an unsurprising talent for hoarding books. When she isn’t busy scouring her local bookshop and eating her body weight in cake, she loves to bake and do yoga (often with her cat). She lives a quiet life in a quaint village in the Yorkshire countryside with her family, surrounded by piles of yet-to-be-read books and more cacti than she can count.

‘I am fearful of a fate worse than death…’

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