Fractured Folklore edited by Brittany Saunders

Fractured Folklore is a dark fantasy fairy tale anthology with stories from a variety of authors, edited by Brittany Saunders

Poisoned Apples. Wicked Curses. Red Cloaks. Kickass Women.

fairy tales are going back to their dark & twisted roots with these brand new short story retellings. Venture into new stories & fight old foes alongside defiant & refreshing heroines written for the 21st century.

These damsels don’t need a prince to come & save them…

Fractured Folklore will be released 31st October 2021!

The Authors

  • R. L. Davennor
  • Elora Burrell
  • Ashlee Dilsaver
  • S. M. Mitchell
  • Lisette Marshall
  • Jay Rose
  • Epi Wildes
  • Des Fonoimoana
  • Rebecca Clark
  • Christiana Matthews
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