An Interview with Elora Burrell

Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

I’ve been writing for years, ever since a preteen. It started with reimaginings of Enid Blyton’s books such as the Famous Five and The Faraway Tree, and grew into a strong passion for literature and fantasy themed creative writing. This all came from the deep love of books and reading, it just seems I had the imagination to match from a rather early age. 

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Speculative Fiction Genres and Their Word Counts

At Ink & Fable Publishing, we love the wild, the outlandish, the quirky, the mind blowing – we love stories that tear us from reality and place us into a new world that we can explore and enjoy (and sometimes sob over). With submissions for Ink & Fable open, we wanted to share the genres that we absolutely LOVE and are passionate about. As readers and writers ourselves, we love stories that entice and engulf us within the world of the novel, and we do the same for Ink & Fable and our readers. 

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An Interview With Des Fonoimoana

Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

This is a hard question! I will do my best to not be boring. Aside from being a writer and COO of Ink & Fable, I pride myself on being an adventurer. I love exploring, I love learning, and I love sharing experiences. I work with at-risk youth and have for the past 5 plus years. I wanted a new adventure so I took a chance working through Americorps serving food at an afterschool program. I knew I was where I needed to be and continued to work with kids. Some of my other hobbies include traveling, paddleboarding, yoga, playing guitar, volleyball, geocaching, and ghost hunting. I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world and I enjoy being outside, which probably fuels many of my passions. I also enjoy video games. I’m an avid lover of gaming and love the immersion of them. History and genealogy are also some of my favorite passions. I enjoy a bit of everything and live by the motto: Gotta try everything once!

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Writing The Monsters Within

– Written by author Des Fonoimoana –

Not long ago I was reminiscing about how The Monsters Within came to exist and how many nights I spent haunted by the characters, even with other projects in front of me. They demanded I tell their story to the point where one day, I had to. I must have started writing the novel when I was 14 or 15 and now at my ripe age of 27, my story will finally be in the hands of readers. Back on the older console days, I was playing a video game with an antagonist that sparked the first thought of The Monsters Within. This antagonist was incredibly interesting to me, as he wasn’t the main baddie but he was connected to many of the characters, and I felt he had a story of his own to tell. He didn’t get the chance to show how diverse he truly was and reveal his motivations. I thought he deserved to have a voice. 

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Authors in Lockdown

2020 has been a strange year so far. Wild fires in Australia, earthquakes in Turkey, locust swarms in Africa, and protests for BLM across the globe after the murder of George Floyd are just a few things that have happened already. Many people have joked that 2020 is the start of the apocalypse. It’s certainly been a very challenging time. Lockdowns due to Covid 19 have also massively effected people. This is how some of our authors have been staying positive and writing during their isolation.

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George Eliot once said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” At Ink & Fable Publishing we want to empower authors to conquer their wildest writing dreams and become the writer they’ve always wanted to be. By providing superior marketing, working intimately with our authors, and giving them a voice in how their project cultivates, we give a unique experience via our publication process and working closely with our authors unlike any other.

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