An Interview with Elora Burrell

Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

I’ve been writing for years, ever since a preteen. It started with reimaginings of Enid Blyton’s books such as the Famous Five and The Faraway Tree, and grew into a strong passion for literature and fantasy themed creative writing. This all came from the deep love of books and reading, it just seems I had the imagination to match from a rather early age. 

What Was The Inspiration For Neverlander?

I have always had a deep love for J. M. Barrie’s Peter Pan from the very first time I watched the Disney adaptation as a child. I loved the characters and the setting and it still to this day is one of my favourite stories. Over the years I have read and watched many adaptations of Peter Pan, and it was whilst watching the 2003 live action version, and my personal favourite, that I pondered on what would Peter’s world look like had the innocence of Neverland been lost due to some unknown force, what if this caused the lost boys and their fearless leader to grow up. This then sparked the first ideas for Neverlander and Wyn; Wendy’s Great-Granddaughter. 

Could You Give Us A Little Sneak Peek At Neverlander?

Of course! Here’s a little section from Mermaid Lagoon, and as it so happens, one of my favourite scenes.

‘The water rises and I sink further into its depths as the pull of my mother’s voice beckons me closer. My skin prickles from the cold, but my mind doesn’t register it; my brain is foggy. I see my mother in the distance, her silhouette balanced on a rock, inviting me closer. She slips off the rock and swims closer to me. The pull of the current urges me forward until the banking gives way to the open waters and I’m pulled under.  

The water is dark and much deeper than I expected, my mind is still cloudy, the remnants of the song still echoing through my mind as I sink further. I see the silhouette come closer, her shape changing as she closes the space between us. As my eyes start to make her out, I notice her hair isn’t blonde like mother’s, it’s dark like a raven’s plumage. Her eyes are equally black, soulless and slanted. Her face is grey and her chin sharp and pointed. And where her legs should be… is a long, thick, scaled tail.

She flashes a wide grin, showing me the rows of jagged teeth behind her thin lips. It’s enough to break her spell over me and I scream. Sea water pours down my throat, burning my oxygen-starved lungs as I panic. My heart drums in my chest as I realise that I’m drowning.’

What’s Going To Happen As The Series Progresses?

Well Wyn’s journey has grown into something much bigger than even I anticipated. There is a lot she has yet to discover about her family’s connection to Neverland and what happened there for it to have fallen into such dark days. 

Who’s Your Favourite Character?

As much as I love all of my characters, I’ve got to say I do have a soft spot for Slightly and his light-hearted nature. 

What’s Been Your Favourite Part Of Publishing With Ink & Fable?

The whole process has been pretty exciting and working with Ink & Fable has been great for a number of reasons. Being an author in this day and age can be tricky, especially when you want your voice to be heard through decision-making for the book’s publication process, but the team at Ink & Fable are so open to taking into consideration what their authors’ visions are. 

Finally, What Are You Most Excited About For The Rest Of The Series?

There are some pretty exciting moments coming along in Wyn’s journey and some rather interesting revelations about Neverlander which I can’t wait to share with all of you.  

You can now purchase Neverlander at all good book retailers!

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