An Interview With Des Fonoimoana

Could You Tell Us A Little About Yourself?

This is a hard question! I will do my best to not be boring. Aside from being a writer and COO of Ink & Fable, I pride myself on being an adventurer. I love exploring, I love learning, and I love sharing experiences. I work with at-risk youth and have for the past 5 plus years. I wanted a new adventure so I took a chance working through Americorps serving food at an afterschool program. I knew I was where I needed to be and continued to work with kids. Some of my other hobbies include traveling, paddleboarding, yoga, playing guitar, volleyball, geocaching, and ghost hunting. I live in one of the most beautiful corners of the world and I enjoy being outside, which probably fuels many of my passions. I also enjoy video games. I’m an avid lover of gaming and love the immersion of them. History and genealogy are also some of my favorite passions. I enjoy a bit of everything and live by the motto: Gotta try everything once!

How Long Have You Been Writing?

My entire life. I had a huge imagination as a kid. As an only child I had to befriend lots of imaginary people and had a huge piece of property to explore so that only encouraged my mind to weave stories. When I could pick up a pencil, I was trying to write stories. I remember making an entire book once. It had short stories, poems, even games. I wish I still had it so I could enjoy a good laugh. After that, I went on to (no surprise here!) Fanfiction and short stories. I eventually found a love in telling epic tales and historical fiction. 

What Was The Inspiration For The Monsters Within?

The Monsters Within was actually inspired from a video game character. An antagonist that I loved and I was angry his story wasn’t told the way it should be. So I decided to tell his story and thus… Jett Torn was created. The rest was inspired from aspects and tropes that I enjoy writing. I would tell you what they are… but I don’t want to ruin the story for those who haven’t read it. 

Could You Give Us A Little Sneak Peek At TMW?

‘Rho’s presence soothes Alpha and she falls into a deep sleep, the sirens becoming nothing more than the background noise to her snoring. This occurs too often: the sirens going off at late hours of the night. Sometimes it’s a common criminal stealing or mugging someone—the reason why Rho is never allowed to go out along the walls. Sometimes it is an altercation in one of the lower-class areas of The City like the Ghetto. Lately, however, the Skulls have been causing problems. They attack the Red Guard, burn government buildings, and vandalize The City with painted threats. It’s been happening more frequently, and as much as Rho brushes it off, secretly she’s worried about these little things. Every one of them could escalate into something tragic. Her family is in danger and she doesn’t even understand why. And because she doesn’t understand, there’s no stopping it.

There are shouts ringing in the distance, pulling her awake more than the sirens. She wishes their words were clear so that she could understand what’s happening. It would give her something to think about, at least. Alpha snores restfully then and drives a foot into the back of Rho’s leg. Rho grunts and tries to push herself to the edge of the bed to avoid her sister’s vengeful sleep. Another kick comes soon, sending a shooting pain from Rho’s calf all the way down to her knee. Just as she is about to go and sleep on the chair, her door pushes open ever so slightly, and she is met with a pair of eyes the color of the late-night ocean. Those eyes are as familiar to Rho as her own; they can go from a gentle ocean to a dark, rapid current in only a matter of seconds. But when they look at her, they are tranquil waves, soothing her worries. With him, she knows she is safe.’ – Chapter 2

What’s Going To Happen As The Series Progresses?

I LOVE this question. The Monsters series is a showcase of obstacles, but The Monsters Within is really laying the foundation for what will come. Characters are going to be challenged in many ways and they are also going to find that they are capable of anything if they swallow their fear for a few minutes. Everything is going to be built upon and there is an incredible amount of foreshadowing in The Monsters Within that really will be revealed in the next few books… but for now The Monsters Within is revealing only the tip of the iceberg. 

Who’s Your Favourite Character in TMW?

Jett Torn. Hands down. I first created him when I was 16 and somehow I grew up and he and I are basically the same person. Our flaws, our strengths, our pain. He somehow has become a fictional, male version of myself. That might make me a tad bit biased, but he is my favorite. My second is Vex who I cannot explain without spoiling the story, but she is a badass woman without any regrets or apologies.

What’s Been Your Favourite Part Of Publishing With Ink & Fable?

The freedom and the friendship. I loved having the support to help The Monsters grow and be able to challenge myself and have the agency to explore The City and the characters. Being able to pick an artist and an editor made ALL the difference as well.

Finally, What Are You Most Excited About For The Rest Of The Series?

I am excited to reveal more about the characters. They are dynamic and complicated and I want to showcase who they are. I think there’s something within the main group of characters that most people can relate to. And I think making mistakes is the biggest one. 

You can now purchase The Monsters Within at all good book retailers!

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