George Eliot once said, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” At Ink & Fable Publishing we want to empower authors to conquer their wildest writing dreams and become the writer they’ve always wanted to be. By providing superior marketing, working intimately with our authors, and giving them a voice in how their project cultivates, we give a unique experience via our publication process and working closely with our authors unlike any other.

We want to keep authors involved throughout the novel’s development and beyond. Started by three writers with over 25 years of combined experience and writing, Ink & Fable Publishing knows how strenuous the process from notepad to bookstore shelf can be. We do not want that to stop authors from sharing their stories with the world and collaborating with an array of talented artists, editors, and insightful minds. We want to utilise this blog to share the perspective of our authors through interviews, sneak peeks, and updates. Here we will post upcoming events and publications, as well as open the eyes of the world to the publication process from submissions and queries to cover art designs and formatting.

Our followers will be the first to know about novel availability, book fairs, and any pre-orders. And of course, the ability to connect with our incredible authors. As we begin this journey, we go forward with one goal in mind: making this the best possible experience for our authors and our readers. We are thrilled to have launched our website and hope you stay a while to learn about novels we are publishing, authors working with us, and hear about our own story. We encourage you to reach out and welcome you to follow our journey!

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